The Nine Aspects!

9th Sep 2014, 5:16 PM
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The Nine Aspects!

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Clanjack Farlo 9th Sep 2014, 5:16 PM edit delete
Clanjack Farlo
Okay. So, I'm not finished with the art yet, but I've gotten the website for The Nine Aspects up and running. Check it out!
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Seabiscuit 9th Sep 2014, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
VulturesUnderTheMoon 9th Sep 2014, 5:35 PM edit delete reply
Stever 9th Sep 2014, 5:50 PM edit delete reply
Just did. It looks fantabulous ;D
Skweeee 9th Sep 2014, 6:36 PM edit delete reply
Glad to see you're back!
Clanjack Farlo 9th Sep 2014, 7:15 PM edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
Yeah, I'm sorta back. I'll not be particularly active on CF for a while yet, but I'm working on the Nine Aspects some more now, and it's gonna be posting sometime in the not-so-far-away future. ;)
Dew Whiskers 9th Sep 2014, 8:27 PM edit delete reply
Dew Whiskers
Nice Job on your cover page. I can hardly wait to see the pages!
DirkaDirka 30th Sep 2014, 12:42 PM edit delete reply
I'm a little disappointed to hear you're jumping to a new project... I really liked Comatose...
I'm sure I'll dig whatever you do next too though.
Clanjack Farlo 30th Sep 2014, 4:56 PM edit delete reply
Clanjack Farlo
Well, this isn't a permanent situation. I'll be going back to Comatose, though I plan on putting a lot into the new project. Basically, I want the Nine Aspects to be everything I wanted to make Comatose, but couldn't because of overly frequent posting and lack of sufficient time to work on it.
I certainly hope you like it. :)
IllustratorMan 30th Sep 2014, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
That looks really nice! I cannot do that glow effect to save my life but it's cool :D
iggycrypt 28th Oct 2014, 8:51 AM edit delete reply
Very cool!
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